Tauni Losey

Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

Tauni grew up in the Tri-Cities. She earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing management from Western Governors University.

Following college, Tauni joined our team in a marketing role covering our three locations (Sound Audiology, Magnolia Hearing, and Highline Hearing). In a way, she believes the hearing healthcare world chose her rather than her actively searching for a position within it.

As our marketing and outreach coordinator, Tauni’s daily responsibilities include ensuring the business websites are up to date, informing patients about current events and news, keeping stationery up to date, and communication. Tauni thoroughly loves playing a role in achieving our mission, helping patients with their hearing health goals, and utilizing her creativity.

Tauni has witnessed a multitude of hearing success stories over the years, but there is one that is extra special to her. Not long after Tauni joined our team, her mom met Will, our hearing instrument specialist. Will noticed Tauni’s mom had a hearing loss, and he was able to see her as a patient.

Since then, Tauni’s mom and her family have coped so much better with her hearing challenges. Tauni’s mom is now always included in conversations and the world around her.

Outside of the office, Tauni enjoys spending time with her husband and their baby boy along with their extended families. Her other interests include doing puzzles, participating in water sports, and going hiking.

Tauni Losey, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator at Magnolia Hearing

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