Matt Pall

Au.D, CCC-A - Audiologist

Dr. Matt Pall’s inquisitive nature and personal experiences early in life paved the way for a rewarding career. He earned his Bachelor of Science in neuroscience from Ursinus College followed by his Doctorate of Audiology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Pall also maintains a Certificate of Clinical Competency in Audiology (CCC-A) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Prior to joining Magnolia Hearing in February 2024, Dr. Pall worked in the operating room practicing in a subspecialty of audiology called intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring.

His interest in hearing care began in childhood. As a child who suffered from chronic ear infections, Dr. Pall remembers questioning his audiologist about the testing equipment, the information it provided, and how it all worked.

In addition to his personal hearing care needs, Dr. Pall was often exposed to the hearing challenges others faced. His family operates an assisted living home in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, and Dr. Pall often helped his mom, aunt, and grandmother serve meals, tidy up, and play bingo with the residents.

Dr. Pall has vivid memories of hearing feedback from the residents’ hearing aids, wondering what that squealing sound was, watching his family ensure the hearing aids were in the ear correctly to prevent further feedback, changing batteries, and searching for misplaced hearing aids. He fondly recalls, “It was fun growing up in that setting with my siblings and cousins, we were all one big family…” 

Fast forward to the present and Dr. Pall is now a passionate clinician who strives to bring joy to his patients and their families through better hearing as a key to interacting with the magical world around them. His specialties include music audiology and activism in hearing conservation, especially for the working musicians that make our community so vibrant. Additionally, Dr. Pall is a gold circle audiologist with Sensaphonics, an audiologist founded company that serves music industry professionals and fans alike through high-fidelity custom in-ear monitor systems and hearing protection.

In his spare time, Dr. Pall enjoys the wonders of nature camping and fishing, joyriding his ebike around town, learning about ancient history and the cosmos, and playing guitar, keyboards, and mandolin. 

Matt Pall, Au.D, CCC-A - Audiologist at Magnolia Hearing

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