Erika Kay, Au.D, CH-TM, FAAA

Doctor of Audiology & Tinnitus Management Specialist

Dr. Erika Kay, a venerated tinnitus management specialist, has garnered the trust and recognition of countless patients, their families, and esteemed physicians through her dedicated care.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, FL, Dr. Kay’s early years were filled with enriching cultural experiences as she frequently journeyed to South America, immersing herself in her family’s Uruguayan heritage. This cross-cultural upbringing not only shaped her worldview but also equipped her with fluency in Spanish. Pursuing higher education, she embraced the field of anthropology at Florida International University, where her path serendipitously crossed with speech pathology, igniting a fervent interest in audiology. Compelled by this newfound passion, she ventured to New Orleans, where she achieved her Doctorate of Audiology from Louisiana State University.

Dr. Kay’s professional narrative is adorned with diverse roles, from serving as a technology specialist for a prominent hearing aid manufacturer in the Northwest region to providing hands-on patient care in private audiology practices. This unique blend of experiences has solidified her reputation as a trusted authority in hearing care across the nation.

In 2021, Dr. Kay expanded her expertise by obtaining certification in tinnitus management. Her days are now devoted to enhancing the hearing abilities of the local community and offering guidance to peers in the audiology field who face intricate hearing health cases.

Driven by a profound commitment to tinnitus care, Dr. Kay is on a mission to challenge misconceptions, spread awareness, and ensure that individuals suffering from tinnitus receive the attention and treatment they deserve. Her dedication stems from success stories like that of a patient who, after a decade of tinnitus distress, found solace and relief under her care—transforming not just his life but that of his family as well.

Away from the clinic, Dr. Kay cherishes time with her family and friends, indulging in outdoor pursuits like fishing and camping, soaking up the sunshine, and staying current with captivating television series and movies. Her personal time is as much about recharging as it is about maintaining the balance necessary to provide her patients with the best care possible.

Erika Kay, Au.D, CH-TM, FAA at Magnolia Hearing

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