Introducing Lenire at Magnolia Hearing With Dr. Erika Kay, Au.D.

Magnolia Hearing is thrilled to introduce the innovative Lenire tinnitus treatment to Seattle, with Dr. Erika Kay, Au.D., stepping to the forefront as a Lenire provider for the Sound Audiology family of clinics.

Dr. Erika Kay, a nationally recognized audiologist and certified tinnitus management specialist, is set to become one of the elite providers of this treatment.

Erica Besy-Kay, Audiologist and Tinnitus Management Specialist at Magnolia Hearing

Understanding Lenire: A New Dawn for Tinnitus Treatment

Lenire, a scientifically backed, at-home treatment device, offers a promising solution for alleviating tinnitus symptoms. It pioneers a dual-action mechanism that combines auditory and sensory pathways to effectively tackle the root causes of tinnitus.

This noninvasive tinnitus solution provides effective ringing in the ears treatment options for those suffering from moderate to severe tinnitus.

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Bluetooth Headphones

Engineered to perfection, these headphones dispatch tailored sounds, stimulating the auditory nerve and transmitting messages to the brain.

This targets the very essence of tinnitus and helps manage symptoms like high-pitched tinnitus, low-pitched tinnitus, and even pulsating tinnitus.

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A groundbreaking component crafted for tinnitus treatment. Placed discreetly within the mouth, it releases gentle energy pulses to the tip of the tongue, activating crucial neural pathways.

This bimodal neuromodulation approach is part of what makes Lenire an FDA-approved tinnitus treatment.

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Designed for simplicity, this handheld device allows users to customize their treatment, from managing its duration to adjusting sound volume and tongue stimulation levels.

Notably, Lenire stands out as the first tinnitus treatment device to achieve FDA approval. This distinction followed rigorous clinical trials in which a whopping 83 percent of participants recommended Lenire for tinnitus relief.

Notably, Lenire stands out as the first tinnitus treatment device to achieve FDA approval. This distinction followed rigorous clinical trials in which a whopping 83% of participants recommended Lenire.

Join the Lenire Movement at Magnolia Hearing

As this new chapter with Lenire gets underway, you’re invited to be a part of this transformative journey in tinnitus care under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Kay. Find relief from tinnitus in Seattle with our FDA-approved tinnitus treatment near you.

Embark on a transformative journey in tinnitus care with the Lenire Movement at Magnolia Hearing. Guided by Dr. Kay’s expertise, we’re revolutionizing how we approach tinnitus management. By joining this innovative chapter, you’re contributing to reshaping the future of tinnitus care. Let’s create a world where tinnitus no longer holds us back—be a part of history with Lenire.

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Our very own Dr. Erika Kay is elated to bring this groundbreaking solution to Magnolia Hearing. Dive deep into the world of Lenire and reclaim your hearing. Whether you experience ringing in ears, ear noise, whooshing sound in ears, or other tinnitus symptoms, Lenire might be the right treatment option for you.

Thank you for considering Lenire as your potential tinnitus treatment pathway. To become a part of our growing community and join our waiting list, please fill out the form below.

Dr. Kay will get in touch promptly to set up an appointment (telehealth options available) tailored to your unique needs. Schedule an audiologist consultation for tinnitus in Seattle today.

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With the dedication and expertise of our very own Dr. Kay, we are poised to change the tinnitus narrative in Washington and beyond. Dive into this innovative chapter with us, and let’s redefine tinnitus care together.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Lenire Tinnitus Treatment

What is Lenire tinnitus treatment?

Lenire is a noninvasive, FDA-approved tinnitus treatment that uses a combination of auditory and sensory stimulation to reduce tinnitus symptoms.

How does Lenire work?

Lenire works by sending tailored sounds through Bluetooth headphones and gentle energy pulses via the Tonguetip to stimulate the auditory and neural pathways, helping to alleviate tinnitus symptoms.

What are the benefits of Lenire treatment?

Lenire helps improve your quality of life by reducing tinnitus symptoms, enhancing hearing, and promoting better sleep and concentration.

Is Lenire safe and effective?

Yes, Lenire is FDA approved and has undergone rigorous clinical trials, showing that 83 percent of participants experienced significant tinnitus relief.

Am I a candidate for Lenire treatment?

If you suffer from moderate to severe tinnitus, you might be a candidate for Lenire. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kay to determine if Lenire is right for you.

What can I expect during Lenire treatment?

During Lenire treatment, you will use the device daily at home, following the guidance provided by Dr. Kay. The treatment involves listening to customized sounds and using the Tonguetip for neural stimulation.

How much does Lenire treatment cost?

The cost of Lenire tinnitus treatment can vary. Contact Magnolia Hearing for detailed pricing information.

Where can I get Lenire treatment in Seattle?

You can receive Lenire tinnitus treatment at Magnolia Hearing under the expert care of Dr. Erika Kay.

Is Lenire covered by insurance?

Coverage for Lenire may vary. It's best to check with your insurance provider and Magnolia Hearing for more details.

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To learn more about Lenire tinnitus treatment options in Seattle, or to schedule an appointment, contact Magnolia Hearing today. Our team of experts, led by Dr. Erika Kay, is ready to help you find effective relief from tinnitus.

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