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Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American-based company with a global impact. Since its foundation in 1967, Starkey has been a pioneer in the field of hearing aid technology, introducing innovative products designed to improve the quality of life for those with a hearing loss.

Pioneering Innovations

Starkey was the first company to introduce an in-canal hearing aid, significantly improving the comfort and aesthetics of hearing aids. They also developed the first digital, programmable, and completely invisible hearing aid, highlighting their dedication to continual innovation.

Magnolia Hearing, founded on the principles of providing top-quality hearing solutions, is proud to offer Starkey products to its patients, aligning with our mission to help people hear better and live better.

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Livio AI: Revolutionizing Hearing Aids

One of Starkey’s most notable innovations is the Livio AI, the first hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence. It goes beyond enhancing sound quality by also providing insights into the wearer’s physical and cognitive health.

Magnolia Hearing is committed to providing our patients with solutions that improve their overall quality of life, and Starkey’s Livio AI aligns with this goal, merging health tracking with superior hearing aid technology.

A Starkey Hearing Aid Device

User Customization with Thrive App

Starkey allows users to personalize their listening experience with the Thrive app. This customization feature is appreciated by many users and is representative of Starkey’s user-focused approach to hearing aid design.

At Magnolia Hearing, we value this approach and strive to offer hearing aids that address hearing loss as well as align with individual lifestyles and preferences.

Why Choose Magnolia for Your Starkey Hearing Aids?

The team at Magnolia Hearing is excited to offer Starkey’s cutting-edge hearing aids to our patients. We believe in their commitment to improving lives through innovative hearing solutions, a philosophy that resonates with our mission.

Magnolia Hearing leverages the collective experience of a team that has been operating hearing clinics across Washington for many years. We’ve helped thousands of people improve their hearing and are committed to bringing the proven practices from our success stories to each patient’s experience. With Starkey’s state-of-the-art products, we’re able to provide advanced solutions that truly make a difference in our patients’ lives.

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