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Oticon, established in 1904 by Hans Demant to help his wife with her hearing impairment, is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer with a century-long history.

In its early years, the company was instrumental in bringing the world’s first electric hearing device, Acousticon, to the public. Oticon has been on an upward trajectory ever since, becoming a leading hearing aid provider after World War II.

Product Evolution and Innovation

Through a process of continuous innovation, Oticon was able to provide the first in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid to the public in 1977. Following this, they kept pace with the rapidly evolving technology by launching their first digital hearing aids in 1996. However, Oticon began to really set itself apart in the 21st century when they developed their Brain Hearing concept and started integrating connectivity features into their devices as early as 2007.

At Magnolia Hearing, we are proud to provide Oticon’s advanced and highly functional hearing aids to our customers, staying true to our commitment to offering only the best in the industry.

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Brain Hearing Technology

Central to Oticon’s philosophy is the concept of Brain Hearing. The principle behind this approach is to design and manufacture sound processing technologies that support the brain’s natural ability to make sense of sound and speech, rather than simply amplifying the sound. The result is an augmented auditory experience that helps the wearer engage more fully in conversations and better understand speech, even in noisy environments.

The team at Magnolia Hearing values Oticon’s commitment to enhancing the brain’s natural hearing processes, recognizing how this approach can significantly improve our patients’ quality of life.

An Oticon Hearing Aid Device

Features of Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon hearing aids are renowned for their connectivity features. With the capability to connect to external digital devices, such as smartphones or TVs, Oticon aids enhance the user’s spatial awareness and sound clarity. Furthermore, Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids can stream audio directly, offering users an improved listening experience.

Our professionals at Magnolia Hearing can guide you through the advanced features of Oticon hearing aids and help you tailor them to your specific lifestyle and hearing needs.

Oticon’s Genie App

To help users manage their hearing needs remotely, Oticon has developed the Genie app. This application provides remote fitting and counseling tools, ensuring users are always up to date with their hearing requirements. It also allows users to adjust their hearing aid settings from the comfort of their own home.

At Magnolia Hearing, we encourage the use of such tools and provide necessary guidance and support to ensure you make the most of these digital solutions.

Oticon More

Oticon’s latest hearing aid, Oticon More, is powered by a deep neural network and provides a more complete sound scene for the brain. By processing sounds in a manner similar to the brain, Oticon More allows users to experience a richer, more balanced, and more complete sound scene, helping them to understand speech better and reduce listening effort.

Our team at Magnolia Hearing is eager to help our patients explore the benefits of Oticon More and other cutting-edge hearing aids, providing personalized service and expertise.

Why Choose Magnolia for Your Oticon Hearing Aids?

Over the years, Oticon’s constant dedication to innovation and improving the lives of those with a hearing impairment has made it a trusted brand in the hearing healthcare industry. Whether it’s by providing groundbreaking technology or user-friendly tools, Oticon consistently strives to put the needs of its users first.

At Magnolia Hearing, we share Oticon’s commitment to improving lives through better hearing. We are proud to offer their range of advanced hearing aids, backed by our team’s expert advice and personalized service. Our founding team has been operating clinics throughout Washington for years, aiding countless individuals in achieving improved hearing. By choosing Magnolia Hearing, you benefit from the valuable lessons and proven practices derived from thousands of success stories.

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